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The Legacy Group Story

The Legacy Group was founded in 2007 by Seth and Claudia Maefsky. Their vision was to empower families today with tomorrow in mind. In 2012, John Graham joined the team as the CEO and eventual co-owner.

For the past 15 years The Legacy Group has been dedicated to helping their wonderful clients with their real estate dreams and ensuring that their Legacy team has the opportunity to serve others and flourish in their own personal lives. Through the trials and tribulations of major economic recessions, pandemics, political and world turmoil, The Legacy Group remains at the forefront of the ever competitive and evolving real estate world.

As one of the first teams to enter in the real estate industry in the Spokane, Washington area, The Legacy Group is proud to have played an instrumental role as leaders and mentors in the real estate industry to help carve a path for hundreds of real estate agents, teams, and even brokerages in the community.

To date, The Legacy Group has helped over 4,600 families achieve their real estate dreams, selling an amazing $1 billion in real estate. With the help of our outstanding real estate agents and their families, The Legacy Group is well on its way to reaching their next major milestone of helping 10,000 families and selling $2 billion in real estate.

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