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Should I Rent or Buy in This Market?

Most young people who move out on their own start out by renting, either an apartment or a rental house or condo. And the first time you go out on your own, it is pretty exciting to finally have a pla...

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Staff Spotlight: Sarah Hoiland

Teamwork. Sometimes, it’s just one of those buzzwords that managers at large organizations employ to make it sound like they really care about their staff. They will even try to put the idea into action by hosting “team-building exercises...

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Michael Kiter

Meet Michael Kiter, Productivity Coach, Listing and Buyer’s Agent
Michael Kiter is a Productivity Coach here at Legacy Group Real Estate, as well as a listing and buyer’s agent for clients in both Washington and Idaho. He is a native of Sp...

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Steve Hagen!

Some people may get the impression that real estate is a cut-throat business, with agents scrambling over the top of one another to snag a client, or bullying their clients into making or accepting offers they are not happy with. If so, those p...

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How To Sell A Home Fast In Spokane, Washington

When you put your house on the market, numerous factors determine how long it will take to sell it. But unless you are willing to practically give your house away for a pittance, there are no fool-proof methods for guaranteeing a fast sale.


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Getting To Know The Senior Elite Team

There’s something special about the entire team at the Legacy Group Real Estate office. The dynamic amongst the staff is friendly, genuine, and fun.  As with any organization, success like this begins with good leadership and communication -...

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